Daytona Dodge

Daytona Beach, Florida
8 Acres
48,000 Square Feet
+/- $8 Million


The Daytona Dodge project site and building accommodate approximately 700 vehicles and support new and used car sales, 28 air conditioned service bays, two standalone, quick lube bays, and a car wash. The site is approximately 8 acres and the building is 48,000 square feet. Land and building costs are approximately $8 million.

Description & Challenge

The resulting floor plan of this development provided a long rectilinear shape with the narrow showroom end fronting the high-traffic Interstate 95 exposure that the owner sought. Accordingly, the addition of an architectural element called the Blade dramatically expands the architectural mass and presence from I-95. This feature was rendered in the color red (to maximize presence) and ran the element through the interior of the showroom. The result was a strong and unique visible presence from the exterior and interior.